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Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs


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Servicing - looking after your medical equipment

As a manufacturer we have the in-house expertise to offer a comprehensive repair and servicing facility for all Meditelle branded equipment.

Maintenance & Servicing

We strongly recommend that in order to keep your Meditelle equipment in excellent condition, it should be serviced annually.

Maintenance Site Visit

For our customers with fixed electric and hydraulic couches we offer a maintenance site visit:

This includes as standard a visit by a Meditelle technician together with a thorough equipment safety check and routine service & maintenance of the equipment. The service will include replacement of any small fixings e.g. screws & bolts and lubrication, together with an appraisal of any additional major parts required e.g. electronic motors, hydraulic pumps, ratchets etc.

If major component parts are required these can normally be fitted at time of visit and are charged for additionally to the standard cost - please refer to our parts price list download .If an offsite repair at our factory is deemed necessary a separate cost estimate for this will be provided for approval.

We can offer this service on all our own brands of couches and plinths. Please allow at least 4-5 weeks for us to schedule a site visit.

Factory Workshop Servicing

Easily portable products can be retuned to our factory workshop for servicing:

This includes as standard product check + general maintenance + quote for any additional factory repair + courier return after servicing.

Refer to table for maintenance & servicing charges. To book please call 0121~332~1850 or email


Medical Equipment Repairs

A repair facility is available for your Meditelle Equipment should it become damaged or require refurbishment after the guarantee period has elapsed.

Easily portable products can be returned to our factory workshop; alternatively for larger equipment a technical site visit is offered - please see table above for charges. Any required component parts are charged additionally to the cost of a repair/visit. Please refer to our parts price list download

We also offer a fully comprehensive onsite re-upholstery service should your vinyl covering have any scrage marks, slits or tears that presents a serious infection control hazard. Full details about our re-upholstery service

To book please call 0121~332~1850 or email

note: for repairs under warranty please refer to guarantee details.


Note: Pre-payment is normally required in full with order for all service activities and parts.

Servicing & Repair Charges:

Onsite Maintenance & Service Visit / Technical Visit

single unit / *mainland UK
additional units @ 30 each


Factory Workshop Service


Prices plus VAT.

* Scotland, Ireland, TR,PL,TQ - P&A on request.



Replacement Parts

We are able to supply spare/replacement component parts such as feet, castor wheels, knobs, cables, ratchets, for our Meditelle equipment - please contact us  for availability and cost (if applicable).

For major component parts required out of warranty e.g. electronic motors, hydraulic pumps, hand consoles etc., please refer to our parts price list download



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