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Additional Width

O21 / O22  An additional +3" width on couch upholstery top section. Other wider or narrower widths are available to special order.


£65 / £85

Breather Hole with Wedge

O24  An integral nose hole inserted into head section for prone procedures. Complete with upholstered vinyl wedge to plug the hole.



Memory Foam

O25  An additional top layer of pressure relieving visco-elastic memory foam (50F density) provides support & reduces pressure, giving patient comfort.




Alternative Hydraulic Operation

O26  A hydraulic system can be fitted in place of electric motor to give manual height adjustment by pedal lever. Ideal for wet areas. Note: height ranges may vary.



Foot Height Control

O27  An alternative electronic double footswitch control.



Hoist Access

Base  Base frame with 7" clearance for hoist access. To order on selected couches. Note: retractable wheels not available with variant.




Retractable Castor Wheels

O28  Retractable wheel base for easy movement / positioning. Wheels are lowered / retracted by foot lever.



Options must be specified at time of order manufacture.

Product Features

Electronic Hand Console Models


Electronically operated instant height adjustment controlled by hand held console pad.

Electronic Foot Console Models


Electronically operated instant height adjustment controlled by foot switch.

Electronic Foot Rail Models

Selected models feature an electronic touch sensitive foot rail for instant hands-free height control by foot.


Hydraulic Models

Hydraulic height adjustment by pedal lever. Requires a pump action to raise and downward pressure to lower the couch.

Retractable Castor Wheels

Allows the couch to be moved/ positioned with ease. Wheels can be lowered and retracted using foot levers.

Gas Assisted Sections

Gas-spring assisted controls provide smooth and swift hand operated adjustment with minimal effort. Locks in position when lever released.



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