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Couch & Chair Attachments


Attachments To Order

Hygiene Roll Holder

Side Safety Rail (pair)

Head Cushion

A1  Allows full extension of the paper over the length of the couch.


A2 Provide additional patient safety. Safety Rails conveniently fold down when not in use/for easy access.


A3 Padded vinyl head cushion provides patient support and comfort both in a lying and seated position. Detachable.



IV Drip Pole

Stirrups (pair)

Leg Support Troughs (pair)

A4  IV Pole with double hook. Can be mounted on ether side of couch. Height adjustable/detachable.


A5 Ankle stirrups for gynaecology/ lithotomy procedures. Can be raised/lowered and fully rotated. Detachable.


A6  Padded, shaped leg supports provide comfort for gynaecology/ lithotomy examinations. Can be raised/ lowered/ rotated. Detachable.



Phlebotomy Arm (single/or pair)

Arm Supports (pair)

Arm Extensions (pair)

A7 single/ A11 pair  Shaped arm support designed for phlebotomy procedures. Fits either side of couch/chair. Adjustable/ detachable.

95 / 180

A8  Upholstered side pads for support of arm and hand. Can be raised/ lowered. Detachable.


A9  Upholstered side supports add comfort and extend width of couch. Conveniently fold down when not in use & for easy access.



Extra Long Side Safety Rails (pair)

Couch Side Pads (pair)


A12  Extra long side rails provide additional patient safety on single section couches. Fold down when not in use & for easy access.


A14  Upholstered couch side pads for additional patient safety. Adjustable/ detachable.




All attachments must be ordered at time of manufacture. All side attachments will add to width of couch/chair. Please refer to product pages to check suitability of attachments for individual models.



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