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Addison medical treatment / minor surgery chair

Addison Medical Treatment Chair

Product Feature:

Back rest adjusts swiftly to flat/horizontal to allow for recovery position

Attachment Note:

Wide range of attachments available to fit this multi-purpose chair - view range




Made in UK. CE marked

SWL: 225kg




Manufacture & Delivery

FREE Delivery mainland UK by pallet courier

Personal Installation service to order

Production Lead Time - approx. 15-20 working days

Medical Treatment Chair


Product Code - ADD3300 Electronic / ADD3300H Hydraulic

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Multi-discipline Treatment Chair

● Gas assisted adjustable back and foot sections

● Retractable wheel base with foot lever control

Anti-microbial seamless 2 foam upholstery

● Steel frame with white anti-microbial protective coating

Designed to be used as seated chair or flat couch

Electronic Model:

● Electronic height operation by handheld remote control

Hydraulic Model:

● Hydraulic height operation by pneumatic foot pump



Choice of vinyl colours

Additional +3 width

● Breather hole

● Anatomic memory foam

● Electric footswitch control

option details



● Safety Rails

Head Cushion

IV Pole

Foot Stirrups

Leg Troughs

Phlebotomy Arm/s

Adjustable Arms

attachment details


Pricing & Ordering
ADD3300 Addison Electronic Medical Treatment Chair  1195

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ADD3300H Addison Hydraulic Medical Treatment Chair  1195

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O21 Additional +3 width 65
O24 Breather Hole + Vinyl Wedge 25
O25 Anatomic Memory Foam 95
O27 Alternative Electronic Footswitch 75
Base Base Variant to allow hoist access 90

Choice of Upholstery Colours


V31 Upholstery Upgrade 40
A2 Safety Rails - fold down (pair) 130
A3 Head Cushion Support 45
A4 IV Pole 69
A5 Foot Stirrups (pair) 95
A6 Leg Support Troughs (pair) 145
A7 Phlebotomy Arm (single) 95
A11 Phlebotomy Arm (pair) 180
A8 Adjustable Arm Supports (pair) 65

Prices are VAT exclusive

Advice / Ordering call 0121 332 1850 or email

Attachments to Order

full details

A2 Side Rails

Provide additional patient safety. Fold down.

A3 Head Cushion Provides patient support. Detachable.

A4  IV Pole

Fits ether side. Height adjustable /detachable.

A5 Ankle Stirrups -pair  Can be raised/lowered/ rotated. Detachable.

A6  Leg Troughs-pair

Can be raised/lowered/ rotated. Detachable.

A7 single/ A11 pair Phlebotomy Arm  Shaped adjustable arm fits into side of unit. Detachable.





A8  Arm Supports

Arm supports can be raised/ lowered. Detachable.





Options to Order

full details


O21  Additional +3" width on chair. Other widths available to order.

O24  Integral nose hole in head section with wedge to plug the hole.

O25 Additional top layer of pressure relieving memory foam.

O27  Alternative electronic double footswitch control.

Base  Base variant allows hoist access. Bespoke sizes available.


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