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Paget portable folding couch


Paget portable examination couch

Special Feature:

Paget portable couch folds for easy carrying and storage


Specification & Technical Information


Vinyl Infection Control Hydrophobic & Anti-Microbial with infection proof additive against E coli and MRSA.
All Helmsley Couches & Plinths are CE Approved

CE Compliant CE approved.

British Safety Standards BS3379/BS5852; Fire Safety Regulations S11324,1989



safe working loadSWL - 160kg


Delivery & Manufacture Information

Portable Examination / Treatment Couch


Product Code - PAG5200

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● Portable, folding couch

● Multi-positioning double ratchet backrest

● Slightly splayed legs with locking stays for added stability and safety

● Double layered high grade density 2 foam upholstery

● Steel frame with white anti-microbial protective coating



Choice of anti-microbial upholstery colours

Additional +3 width

Breather hole

Anatomic memory foam

option details

Also available as low level portable couch


● n/a


Pricing & Ordering Information
PAG5200 Paget Portable / Folding Examination Couch 225

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PAG5201 Paget Carrying Bag 35
O21 Additional +3 width 65
O24 Breather Hole + Vinyl Wedge 25
O25 Anatomic Memory Foam 95

Choice of Upholstery Colours


V31 Upholstery Upgrade 40

all prices are VAT exclusive

For Advice & to Order call 0121 332 1850

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Options to Order

full details




O21  An additional +3" width on couch top section. Other widths available to order.

O24  An integral nose hole in head section complete with wedge to plug the hole.

O25  An additional top layer of pressure relieving visco-elastic memory foam (50F density).


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